5 Reasons Raila Odinga Might Be Responsible For The Crazy School Fires Across Kenya

It all started like a joke (Ok,not exactly like a joke) until the trend caught fire (pun unintended) and now,two months down the line,Kenya is grappling with one of the worst fire disasters in our modern High School history.

Burning down a dormitory or two is not really a novelty here - we've been through a couple fires in the past,in fact,we've helped set a dormitory ablaze back when we were in high school.

But back then,this still was a very sacred way of protesting and it wasn't always misused and abused as it now has been with kids lighting up dozens of rooms over something as silly as food or crumbs of bread.

Setting a dormitory ablaze was actually the last resort after pretty much all avenues of protest had failed and that included walking out of school,absconding classes, petitioning the Principal,beating up the prefects,going on a rampage and even slaughtering the fattest school cow.

After all that had failed,then,the decision to go fetch petrol would be arrived at and,reluctantly,the administration block would be reduced to ashes at around 3am when the whole village was deep asleep and probably the school watchman too.

But today,the first form of protest is actually what was traditionally the last.

And these kids aren't even discreet about their plans. Or restrained.

They're burning down the school as early as 6pm in between having dinner. While everyone is awake and roaming the school.

It's not really a big deal anymore. And unlike back then when the dangerous role of lighting up the match would be left to a select few,probably the school's most notorious varmints,today,the task of burning down the school looks like a communal affair that everyone in the school seems to be very much an active part of.

No chills. No fear. The kids have gone rogue.

They're not even content with just burning down their particular school alone -they're now jumping fences to burn down the neighboring school and the next and the next.

It's starting to look like a bad cancer that just won't stop mutating.

As we speak right now,close to 200 schools have gone on rampage and reduced their buildings into debris.

And the Education sector is in limbo.

Many theories have been floated as to why this is actually happening.... The Education CS Fred Matiang'i has been blamed. Teachers have been blamed. The Government has been blamed. School Heads have been blamed and even the parents too.

And then another interesting twist - Raila Odinga.

He has also been blamed for the fires and the most outstanding of the accusations came from Government counselor and vitriolic political commentator Mutahi Ngunyi.

But could Raila Odinga really be to blame? Maybe. Maybe not.

We analyze 5 Reasons WHY HE MAY BE RESPONSIBLE.

1. My Way Or The Highway
In an age of democracy,where people are generally expected to air out their views and arrive at a consensus,without having to resort to anarchy and lawlessness,Raila Odinga still maintains a very aggressive and unflinching attitude towards what he wants. And never seems to want to change his mind and accommodate ideas,preferring to have his way or the highway. On very many issues,Raila seems to maintain that his way of doing things is the best and only way. His preferred public officials are the ONLY qualified officials and his style of operations should be the only one adopted and employed. Either that or we're gonna have trouble. With Raila, you can never quite settle on something without his blessings and if he disapproves,for whatever reasons, however flimsy, he disapproves. Kids are watching and probably taking notes from the Big Man and that's why they're preferring to have things done their way or it's the highway. From Raila's example,students have started to make wild demands that they insist must be met and they are leaving no room for consultation or amendments. They want what they want. Simple and clear. Just like Raila.

2. Incitement
Raila has made a perfect career out of inciting the masses and having them do as he asks the to do irregardless of the law or the upsets. One word from Raila is enough to get the masses flocking into the streets to carry out whatever action he's asked them to. He's charismatic and very persuasive and that's all it takes to be a master inciter. Clearly,his supporters don't waste time when called upon to action. However nasty the action might be. It's that same attitude that's driving charismatic school criminals into inciting their followers into action and into causing a rampage and going on a riot for whatever thing they're displeased with. Taking cues from most the most renowned wordsmiths Kenya has.

3. Violence
Severally,Raila's team has been involved in various forms of violence across the city over issues Raila raises and wishes addressed. We've seen them get clobbered in the streets and seen them go on rowdy Street upheavals with the blessings of the CORD Leader who spiritedly urges them on,as they wreck havoc across towns. This same idea of damaging property and vandalizing precious property is probably what is inspiring the students to hit the streets and reduce their schools to a seeing they've been seeing on TV whenever a section of Raila supporters hit the streets,disgruntled and charged . The botched ODM elections at Kasarani, that gave birth to the Men in Black is a classic case in point.

4. Stubbornness
Raila can be stubborn. Very. He's not known to burge easily or to simply give in. No,he's a whole different breed. What Raila wants, Rails gets. What Raila suggests must be carried out. He won't take NO for an answer. Not. Not ever. It's his World, most of the time and he can be stubborn to the last drop of his sweat. Students might be taking up such characteristics and becoming hot heads themselves preferring to dictate their rules and preferences to the school Heads and also taking NO for an answer. This sort of dictatorial stubbornness obviously leads to a clash between the students and the administration and they're willing to burn down the school bus if what they've suggested won't be implemented. Doesn't matter how ludicrous it is. Pure stubbornness.

5. Demagoguery
Raila's whole system,mostly,seems to be firmly rooted in a culture of absoluteness and unbridled demagoguery. Raila's political machine is a rough,grinding monster that seems to keep getting rougher and rougher with alot of assertiveness,combative behavior and confrontational attitude from all of the leaders who are somehow never afraid of the Courts or of the law or of the police. They exist in a lawless World of their own where everything rotates around whims and chest thumping and where, they believe,everything can be solved through the streets and through a little warfare. Students are very impressionable people and they obviously watch CORD and realize that,a little demagoguery and lawlessness is not such a bad thing after all. Especially is it helps you get your way and have your version of the rules implemented then it's all good. To Raila Odinga,mostly, the end justifies the means and this seems to be the same mantra driving out students into madness and turning them from teenage youngsters to monstrous arsonists .
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