Magufuli reiterates intention to shift to Dodoma

PRESIDENT John Magufuli has reiterated his intention to see the government and its institutions move to Dodoma in the next four years and four months of his leadership and allow Dar es Salaam Region to be set up as a fully fledged International Commercial City.

Dr Magufuli made the remarks yesterday when addressing hundreds of CCM members and the general public who turned up to welcome him as the ruling party's new national chairman at the party's sub-head office along Lumumba Street in Dar es Salaam.

President Magufuli said different projects underway in Dar es Salaam including road and energy infrastructure were meant to turn the city into a commercial hub where people from around Africa will get all their needs instead of travelling all the way to Dubai.

He said his government has beefed up the national budget for various sectors to ensure essential needs such as infrastructure, energy, water, health and education were addressed accordingly, noting that Indian government has promised a loan of over US 500 million dollars that will be injected in ensuring sustainable clean and safe water supply in Dar es Salaam.

He added that the government will soon embark on building the Standard Gauge railway line from Dar es Salaam all the way to Rwanda and Burundi which will lower transport costs. Other projects already underway and those in the pipeline include the Tazara flyover, Kinyerezi 2 power plant as well as increasing Kinyerezi 1 capacity to produce more power.

The president said he wants to build a new Tanzania whose economy will be under industrialisation, stressing that already a Bill was passed in the National Assembly recently that will see the 5th government bring the dream to fruition within the first term of his presidency.

"There are those who did not want to see this happen, so they walked out of the Parliament but I thank God that CCM had enough MPs and those who remained passed the Bill that will see mushrooming of industries in Dar es Salaam, Tanga, Mtwara and other parts of the country," he explained.

He called on the Youth to work with the government to bring the desired change in the country, stressing more jobs will be created with Industrialisation, warning those who are planning to try derail the government plans. "I do not want anyone who will try and hamper my efforts in bringing these changes to Tanzania.

My speed is great and very serious," he warned as the public cheered joyously. He said the government's decision to move to Dodoma was long overdue and would allow Dar es Salaam to 'breath' as well as bringing services close to other regions.

"Security wise it is safe to have the capital city at the centre of the country ... you will never see a capital city built near the Ocean. We already have the infrastructure in place, linking Dodoma to other regions and all the way to Cairo and Cape town," he explained.

Dr Magufuli added that the move will also see other regions including Iringa, Singida and Manyara access government services much easier as well as grow economically.

In trying to find short term solutions for hawkers and food vendors in the city, President Magufuli proposed to the regional administration to section off part of the city roads on particular days to allow hawkers and food vendors sell for commodities.

He, however, urged them to adhere to the laws and ensure what they were selling had receipts so the government could earn its revenue from the wholesalers.

"You must ensure what you are selling has a receipt from the wholesaler ... as much as I want to ensure you earn your daily keep without hassle from the city militia who confiscate your wares, I also want my government to earn its revenue," he said amid cheers from the hawkers and vendors who had turned up with placards asking the president to address their plight.

The president extended his heartfelt appreciation to former president Jakaya Kikwete for his committed leadership and past presidents and CCM chairmen including Benjamin Mkapa and Ali Hassan Mwinyi, pledging to continue seeking their guidance.

He also praised CCM Secretary General Abdulrahman Kinana for his committed leadership and building a strong ruling party, promising his cooperation and sometimes, seeking his knowledge in managing the party.

Dr Magufuli promised Dar es Salaam residents that he would set aside time to tour in different areas of the city, stressing that the general election were over and called on all MPs to work together in fulfilling CCM election manifesto.

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