The Problem With Facebook Nowadays.......

Most of us are dependent on social media nowadays, especially Facebook. But sometimes Facebook is so annoying. Come to think of it, there are better things to do than being a Facebook addict. Here’s why Facebook sucks.

Many people keep yapping about what’s happening in their lives, even details they’d rather keep to themselves. Some spend the better part of their days trying to prove how cool they are. The thirst for likes is real. Some even claim to be doing certain things without showing evidence. Think about it: What sounds more appealing (and believable)? Reading a status that says, "I'm currently hanging out with DJ Joe Mfalme!" or a picture of that person actually posing with DJ Joe Mfalme? A photo is definitely more engaging or at least some kind of proof. It’s much better to post good outcome of your life with evidence rather than lying you are at Ngong Racecourse yet you are bored at the house watching, ‘El quero del mundo.’

Your parents, relatives (and even grandparents) are now watching your every move.

Everyone’s mom, dad, grandmother and great aunt has become hooked on Facebook. And that means every time you post a status about something innocuous, these Facebook novices start breathing down your neck the minute you hit "post." We get enough scolding from our parents -- no need to let it trickle onto a social media site where our friends can laugh at our familial bickering. My dad once tried to forcing me to change my profile pick to something more decent. The next thing I did was block him then I lied I had quit Facebook.

The excessive ads are ruining the whole experience.

It’s annoying, being forced to read an ad about someone or something you don’t like just because it’s sponsored. You log in to Facebook then bump into a suggested post, “Placenta Party of Kenya: Kikuyu’s should relinquish power in 2017…..blablabla.”What the fuck? No one would willingly read that crap but since Facebook has been paid to advertise , it has to be there. Somebody please take this shit away.

Potential employers and bosses might misjudge you

When your boss sends you a friend request, it’s hard to decline. The problem is that you’ll be forced to act all decent. Nowadays potential employers prefer checking Facebook profiles of people applying for jobs. When potential employers see major variations between the content on your CV and the content on your FB profile their immediate perception is that you are a dishonest person. How you conduct yourself on Facebook might also put off potential employers, yet in reality you’re just having fun. It sucks man

You realize you only know and care about only 30 people out of your 1,000 friends.

It starts to get kind of weird when you check the birthdays for the day and don't remember who any of the five people are. How do you know them? Did you add them randomly? More importantly, do you care? Nope. It could be time to overhaul your friends list. Or maybe it's time to realize that your Facebook account is being used pretty much entirely to keep tabs on these kinds of strangers.

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