I Lost My Uncle at Coptic Hospital After he Walked in with Arthritis Issues

This is a shocking post that was posted to the ‘Buyer Beware- Kenya’ Facebook group by a guy going by the name Martin.

According to Martin, something is wrong at Coptic Hospital after his uncle sought treatment for arthritis but later passed on.

Martin also shared two more cases of patients who sought treatment at the the hospital for minor issues but later died.

He posted:

“My name is Martin. I have an issue that is disturbing me but which I am not sure of how to raise it on buyer beware. I lost my uncle at Coptic hospital on Sunday after he walked in with arthritis issues on Friday. In fact, he was not to be admitted but the doctor asked him to hang around as they do some tests instead of going back home in pain and come daily again from shags for like 2or 3 days of tests. He agreed. On Saturday he was okay during the day at least up to 6pm when guys left him. But between 6pm and 9pm something went horribly wrong. His stomach swelled and he started sweating heavily. My cousin who is a doc at Kiambu hosi had passed by to check on him and found him in distress. Since she was not a staff member three, ask she could do was an questions. The nurses simply told her that they had called the doctor and we’re waiting for him, but we’re not really bothered, not even by the sweating and sudden high fever. So my cousin went out looking for him. She got him and he came and prescribed some pills and a laxative. My uncle felt slightly better. My cousin left, but she did not leave him very okay. He died the next morning at 6am. This is a dude who walked in with bones issues and died within three days of arriving! That is case one.

The other case is of my friend Karimi. This is the dude who wrote the Mau Mau book, that featured Dedan Kimathi. He is best known as the guy who went and brought the Ethiopian, Ayanu (Gen. Mathenge). Karimi died the previous week at Coptic hospital and we buried him on Friday. He had gone in for some minor issue but within a day, deteriorated into a coma and was in the ICU after like a day. He died the next day. The case that had taken him there, just like my uncle was not fatal. We lost a celebrated journalist like that.

Today, after I shared with my boss the two instances, he told me that his friend lost a brother at Coptic like 3 weeks ago under similar circumstances. Walk in with a minor issue but within a day or two develop a major medical issue which kills you within a day or two. This evening during the meeting after I raised my concerns about the hospital, one of my cousins told us that his wife had similar stories about Coptic and she is scared sh*tless of the hospital due to such cases that she has heard of.

Basically Atty, the male ward (all my cases are male) has a problem. Either a Super Bug or God forbid a serial killer sorting out guys. Both have happened in other parts of the world and are possible.

Do you mind asking guys to share their experiences at Coptic because I am convinced that there is a problem which guys are not talking about. Thanks.”

In the comments section of the post, more people shared their experiences at the Ngong Road hospital.

Wanja Mwangi wrote, “Omg. Ankara Vitenges Sam truly sad memories. I hate that hospital with a passion. Our grandmother died there due to pure negligence!!! I hate to remember that…”

Senetor Clive Muchoki posted, “A far relative walked in on her own at Coptic, she was give bed rest, went to a comma after less than a week, died after 4 months of comma. Bill 10Million.”

Kush Mbugua James: “I got my doubts too last year when a friend of mine visited the hospital with back pains only for him to be diagnosed with tumour to which he was reffered to mp shah for radiotherapy. After a while hmhps health deteriorated to a terrible point. The family sought the help of goan docs who observed him and realised his spine has fluid like stuff. Now we have just conducted a harrambee for him to go to India. Wit ur story am scared to death now and am connecting the dots. I worked in a hospital sometime back and an issue of target sales and profits always arose……in the meetings. …..”

Laura Webuye “Have heard similar stories.. And an in law the son aliwekewa Mchele akiwa out, he was rushed to Coptic. They flushed his stomach and realized him, in reaching home he deteriorated and was rushed back only to refused to admit him. The young guy passed on, postmortem was done and it showed negligence on their side. Someone who has been poisoned the stomach is not supposed to be flushed.”

The Hospital issued the following statement after the allegations:

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