DRC hails ‘peaceful Tanzania’

PRESIDENT Joseph Kabila of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has expressed his admiration for the state of peace enjoyed by Tanzania and praised successive country’s presidents over the feat.

“My country is very big and rich, but we lack peace in some parts; I wish that DRC will become peaceful like Tanzania one day,” President Kabila said on Tuesday at the state banquet hosted for him by President John Magufuli.

He went on to praise Tanzanians and their leaders for their efforts in preserving and maintaining peace and unity.

“However rich the country is in terms of natural resources, it can hardly prosper if there is instability. In DRC there are about 225 tribes. I wish they will one day enjoy peace and unity like Tanzanians,” President Kabila hoped.

The DRC leader, who left the country yesterday morning after a three-day state visit, was, however, glad that he had come to Tanzania this time around to discuss trade relations between the two countries.

“In the past, I used to come to Tanzania for discussions with leaders on solving conflicts in my country; but this time it is different. DRC is now focused on improving trade relations with Tanzania and other countries in the region,” Mr Kabila said in fluent Kiswahili.

President Kabila said he was happy with the cordial relations enjoyed between DRC and Tanzania in trade, defence and security. Speaking at the same occasion, President Magufuli praised the visiting leader for his commitment to improve economic relations between the two countries.

“Trade volume between Tanzania and DRC reached 393.6bn/- last year from just 23.1bn/- in 2009. I congratulate former President Jakaya Kikwete for spearheading the boost,” he stated.

Dr Magufuli was equally optimistic that trade volume between Tanzania and DRC will pick up even more during his term in office.

“Your visit to Tanzania and assurance that shipment from DRC, including copper, will pass through the Dar es Salaam port is very encouraging. Bilateral relations between Tanzania and DRC dates back to the 1960s and continues to be cemented,” President Magufuli remarked.

Earlier, Dr Magufuli assured his guest that the government was committed to improving efficiency at the Dar es Salaam Port and do away with difficulties, which were faced by importers and exporters in the past.

Dr Magufuli also pledged to dispatch foreign affairs ministers from three African countries to assess the political situation in DRC.

He made the pledge in Dar es Salaam at a press conference after his meeting with President Kabila, pledging to send foreign affairs ministers from Tanzania, Mozambique and Angola.

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