VIDEO: Socialite Huddah Monroe is now a gun owner!

Did Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe get herself a gun? And more importantly, did she choose to break the news on her favorite social media platforms?

Unbelievable! If the video doing the rounds on the web of her playing with a gun is anything to go by, then she might have just done that.

Then again, where’s the proof that the gun is even hers? But if it is, the it is the dumbest thing she has ever done. It’s like telling your enemy, attack me but strategise first because I’m armed.

Unlike developed countries, case in point the US, where gun are sold at a corner shop, the laws here are a bit restrictive. Which is a very good thing otherwise I can’t start imagining what we would be hearing in the news everyday.

Below is the video of Huddah cocking her gun:

According to Mpasho, the procedure of acquiring a gun in Kenya if you’re a member of the public, is provided for in the Firearms Act Cap 114 Laws of Kenya.

The applicant must obtain from the local Officer Commanding Police Station prescribed forms (Form 1) and fill them in duplicate.

The OCS will then assist the applicant to fill the forms after which the applicant will be handed over the duplicate copy which he/she should forward to the Central Firearms Bureau. Certificate of good conduct is mandatory too.

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