Illegal gold miners identified in Geita

The government has launched strict scrutiny of more than 80 foreign gold miners from China who are working at Nyamahuma Gold Mines in Geita Region over illegal entrance into the country. Some of them are allegedly engaging in violation of human rights.

Minister for Home Affairs Mr Mwigulu Nchemba gave an order for the start of the exercise after he was made aware of the matter which prompted him to make a surprise visit at the mining site on Wednesday to obtain more information.

Briefing reporters after the visit, the minister said initial findings at the mine showed there were around 100 miners of Chinese origin but only 28 had obtained permits from the Immigration Department.

The visit by the minister was also facilitated by reports from a section of the social media that broke the news on Tuesday on certain people led by one of the Chinese ‘experts’ at the mine who tortured a local miner.

The victim was identified by a single name as Elisha. “I got the information when passing from various social media on the existence of the people at the mine being involved in torturing local miners on false allegations.

“It was during the follow up on the matter that I came to discover the fact that many Chinese miners were operating here illegally,” said the minister.

According to Minister Nchemba, a team under close supervision from the Regional Defense and Security Committee has been tasked to carry out special verification and finally hand over the findings for action.

He warned on the trend by some investors to take laws into their own hands when confronting claims from the local staff. He insisted that suspected criminals at Nyamahuna mine should be booked at once.

However, the minister refuted allegations that the tortured miner was stubbed to death. He said the victim suffered from a number of injuries that forced him to be admitted to hospital before the mine leaders put him in Geita remand to answer ‘charges’ leveled against him.

Upon being informed on the condition of the miner, Mr Nchemba said he sought an audience with him at the Geita prison and later asked him to identify people who beat him through an identification parade.

“He was able to identify them including the Chinese expert who was beating him up but apparently failed to show valid entrance and work permits. We are holding him for more questioning as well,” he said.

But speaking to the ‘Daily News’ on the development yesterday, the Geita Regional Commissioner (RC), Major General (retired) Ezekiel Kyungu, said the news on the whole saga was unnecessarily exaggerated.

He was quick to deny reports that a local miner was beaten and tortured at Nyamahuma mine adding what actually existed was allegations on thefts that were under investigations

Source: DailyNews

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  1. So What you regional commissioner. You must be fired for cover up. Your inferiority complex make Chinese people to disrespect people and and break laws against humanity.Show respect to yourself. lack of education , corruption and bribery is part of the problem here.