Lowassa Softens Tone, Hails JPM

Former Prime Minister and member of CHADEMA Central Committee, Mr Edward Lowassa, yesterday expressed satisfaction with the performance of President John Magufuli.
"President Magufuli is doing a good job... his performance in some areas resemble that of the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere," Mr Lowassa said yesterday during an interview with a local television station in Dar es Salaam.
Since he assumed office in November last year, President Magufuli has been taking measures to promote accountability in civil service, fighting corruption, initiating measures to cut unnecessary government spending and ensure that the lives of Tanzanians, particularly low-income earners are improved.
Among the initiatives taken by President Magufuli to cut government spending were banning of foreign trips for civil servants, cancelling of national celebrations such as Independence Day, World AIDS Day and slashing the budget for a state banquet to mark the official opening of parliament.
Mr Lowassa, who ran for presidency in last year's general election on CHADEMA ticket, also commended Dr Magufuli's move to transfer the government's business to the national capital-designate, Dodoma.
He has, however, advised that the much awaited Dar es Salaam-Dodoma 'migration' should be implemented cautiously.
In his recent acceptance speech after being elected the ruling CCM National Chairman, President Magufuli announced that he will make sure that the government shifts to Dodoma before he completed his first fiveyear term.
In a swift response on Magufuli's intention to shift to Dodoma, the Prime Minister, Mr Kassim Majaliwa, last week declared that he will permanently move to the central region by next month, directing all cabinet ministers to immediately do the same.Commenting on the countrywide rallies planned by CHADEMA, Mr Lowassa said that there was a need to hold a dialogue to work out a solution.
"I don't see any problem with the party's (CHADEMA) plan. What is important here is to hold talks with all stakeholders before the date scheduled for the rallies, I believe they will reach a consensus," Mr Lowassa said.
He added: "Politics is about dialogue; we should talk and reach a consensus... all of us respect the prevailing peace in the country and hence appropriate action should be taken to resolve the situation."
On opposition Members of Parliament who boycotted parliamentary sessions, Mr Lowassa advised the government and the concerned MPs to be engaged in a dialogue and come up with an amicable solution.
"The party can advise them but the government can go further by holding talks with them because their absence in the National Assembly is not healthy for the country's democracy," he pointed out.
The National Assembly sessions, which ended early last month, saw opposition MPs walking out of the House, in a show of opposition to the Deputy Speaker, Dr Tulia Ackson. They boycotted all House sessions that were chaired by Dr Tulia to protest over her chairing of the House.

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