Magufuli to sell ministries’ buildings once in Dodoma

IN a bid to ensure that all government servants move to Dodoma, President John Magufuli yesterday said he will sell the ministerial buildings in Dar es Salaam so that there could be no office for them to stay.

He said those who intend to challenge the idea must count themselves non-government officials because there will be no mercy to defiant staff.

The Head of State was speaking to Singida residents during his first official tour of the region.

“Once I move to Dodoma, I will sell ministerial buildings in Dar es Salaam.

Those who will refuse to move to Dodoma will be fired. We cannot continue singing the same song for more than 50 years.

Some of those who proposed the idea are already dead and we are still singing the same verses,” he said.

He also warned members of the opposition who are planning to conduct demonstrations on September 1, this year, saying they should avoid trifling with him.

“I am warning politicians to stop trying me. Those who are planning countrywide demonstration should stop.

And if they demonstrate, let the leaders be in front and allow children and youth to stay at their back,” he said.

The head of state said political leaders give ‘alcoholic sachets’ to youth and encourage them to demonstrate.

He said the politicians remain in hotels waiting to see what will happen.

“We were elected to lead and deliver. I will not allow anybody to stop me or delay me from serving Tanzanians,” said Dr Magufuli.

He added that those who are planning to take to the streets on September 1, must understand the consequences of their actions.

“Those who will dare to demonstrate will never forget what will happen to them. I am quite different from others.

They should not trifle with me,” warned President Magufuli.

However, the head of state said politicians are free to conduct meetings which aim at influencing Tanzanians to participate in development activities in their areas.

“If you are the MP for Hai, just conduct development meetings in your constituency.

There is no need for you to travel all the way to Shinyanga to convince people to participate in the demonstration,” he said.

He added: “I have not stopped elected leaders from conducting activities in their areas.

I am against those who intend to move and cause chaos in other areas.”

President Magufuli asked Tanzanians to continue siding with him especially during this time of war against graft within the government.

He asked for prayers so that he can continue serving people especially the poor ones.

Today, the head of state is expected to end his two-day tour in the region by addressing a rally at Misigiri in Iramba District.
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