Nyabisanga Villagers Kill Cattle Rustlers

RPC Andrew Satta
Two suspected Kenyan cattle rustlers were killed by angry mob at Nyabisanga village in Tarime District in what police here say is a foiled robbery attack at the area when concerned neighbours responded to an alarm raised by one villager.
The Tarime/Rorya special zonal RPC Andrew Satta said the incident occurred when the duo were slashed with sharp homemade weapons when they contacted locals who were on their regular community patrols to combat cross border banditry that has hit most villages at the Kenyan-Tanzania Border.
He said the identity of the slain suspects were not yet known and added they were originating from the neighbouring village of Masangura in Kenya and the zonal police were working round the clock with their counterparts from the other country with investigations to help the law enforcers wipe out the recently encroachment of foreign criminal dissidents in the region.
"The angry mob confronted the Duo while they were preparing their robbery mission at the village after the alarm was raised by still unknown villager and attacked them by stabbing in their various body parts with sharp objects and machetes and they died few minutes while receiving treatment at the District hospital."
The zonal Boss added that during the incident one peasant villager identified as Mwikwabe Robert aged 23, was nursing serious wounds at the district health facility after he was mercilessly wounded by the attackers while trying to rescue the duo from the ruthless mob from attacking.
He said "the victim also a ten-cell leader arrived in time at the scene and started persuading the mob against any use of force and law breaking ways to apprehend the suspects including taking them to the police station for further action but it seems they did not take heed of his direction and beat him up."
The zonal police administrator added that investigations were afoot concerning the incident and no one has been arrested while he repeated call to locals against taking the law into own hands with impunity and directed all responsible citizens with information concerning criminals and their activities to report forthwith to the law enforcers.
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