The "kababa/kamama" lifestyle is ruining our children right before our eyes

Over 100 Secondary schools torched, over 20 high school children facing court cases, a High school bus netted by the police where students were found engaging in sex and doing drugs inside the bus. Students of a boy school attacked a nearby girl school with the aim of raping the girls.

Every Kenyan is now worried as the statistics continue to grow on the indiscipline cases in our secondary schools. The blames has been thrown from the teachers, students, government, opposition, parents etc.

The answer to our problem is right in the center of our Bibles, Yes the Bible gives us the cure to this problem that no commission formed will resolve unless they get Biblical with it.

When a child is born, he's born with no wisdom but what bound his heart is folly (ujinga). This folly that is bound in a child's heart isn't removed by the formal education that we give to them, but it's by a rod of discipline (Pro.22:15)

For King Solomon the wisest man of his time to say so, surely it was from the wisdom he got from God. If we withhold discipline from our children then we expect the folly to grow with them and it will be impossible to remove it at a later stage. We may give them the best education on earth, even give them the best carriers and well-paying jobs in the world but for sure they will be trouble makers, indiscipline etc. They will be the kind of leaders who lead others to throw stones, arrogant, foul mouth and fight allover in public irrespective of the offices they hold.

Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you strike him with a rod, he will not die." Prov.23:13. The "kababa/kamama" lifestyle is ruining our children right before our eyes. We fear to strike our kids hoping not to harm them but unknowingly we're harming them the most. Some of us were brought up by strict disciplinarian parents but we didn't die from their rods!

The government has not helped at all; they have refused to get Biblical and passed laws against disciplining our children. Teachers are left to negotiate with the children on matters discipline as parents plead with their "kababa or kamama" hoping that pleading will remove the folly from their heart. Do we claim being wiser than King Solomon?

"If you strike him with the rod, you will save his soul from Sheol" Pro, 23:14. Have we been reduced to helpless robots as we see our children heading to sheol (grave).

Many of our children are going early to grave just because as parents we have failed to use the Solomonic wisdom on them. The Bible is still a sure guide in our day to day living. Let's get Biblical with our children as they are our future.

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