Chadema pays youths so they riot

The Police Force has uncovered a plot by Chama Cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (Chadema) of luring some youths to take part in its planned countrywide demonstrations scheduled for September 1 by paying them 40,000/- each.

However, Chadema Secretary General, Dk Vicent Mashinji, refuted the allegation saying his party has no such amount to pay the youths.

“We have received useful information that Chadema top leaders have paid some youths to foment violence on September 1,” Dar es Salaam Special Zone Police Commander, Simon Sirro told reporters yesterday in the city.

Mr Sirro assured Dar es Salaam residents that the city is a hub of peace and will remain safe and calm even on September 1.

"We insist that people should obey the law without coercion. Citizens want to carry out their businesses in peace; they don't need disruptions that will be caused by unlawful protests," he said.

“The pitfalls of restricted demonstration like these are well understood, thus I advise youths not to involve themselves in such things as the law will take its own course once anyone breach the peace of the country,” he noted.

The zonal police commander maintained that their stand on public meetings remains unchanged as all rallies and political parties meetings were banned and whoever is caught defying the directive would be punished as per the laws of the country.

Dr Mashinji told the ‘Sunday News’ during a telephone interview that if there was anything the Dar es Salaam zonal police commander wanted to tell the opposition party he should do it in another way instead of coming up with false information. “He is wrong.

Where did he get such information. We are not turning back. Tell him (Commander Sirro) we shall meet on September 1,” Dr Mashinji said. Since July 27 Chadema launched ‘Operation Ukuta’ to denounce what they perceive to be government violation of the principles of good governance.

Despite the previous ban by the police, Chadema remained firm that they were prepared for the event. Section 43 (1) of the Constitution states that any person desirous of convening, collecting, forming or organising an assembly or procession in any public place, shall not do so less than 48 hours before the planned assembly or procession submit a notification of the event.

Chadema had planned to commence a nationwide tour on September 1 to tell Tanzanians the reasons behind their opposition to President John Magufuli’s leadership style, which they claim “is suppressing democracy much as it contains some elements of dictatorship.

"Four days after such statement by the opposition party, the ruling CCM also announced that it would go all over the country to counter the nationwide public rallies by the opposition party.

It was at that point in time when the Police Force decided to intervene, banning all rallies until further notice. Commissioner of Police for Training and Operations, Nsato Mssanzya, is quoted in a statement as saying that all political rallies have been banned for security reasons.

The Police Force has warned that stern measures would be taken against any defiant person. “The Police Force calls upon politicians to immediately stop putting pressure on citizens to disobey the country’s laws.

"We will take to task any political party which will disobey this order immediately,’’ read the statement in part. It has further called on the people to be careful with politicians who have plans to disrupt peace and tranquility and instead “continue to cooperate in safeguarding the unity that the country has maintained all along.” 

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