Esther Passaris: Sexual Harassment is More Than Just Sex

Nairobi businesswoman Esther Passaris has written another post in her ongoing saga with Equity Bank CEO James Mwangi.

Ms Passaris sensationally claimed that Mr. Mwangi sexually harassed her more than a decade ago. She claimed that after she said no, Mwangi went ahead and sabotaged her business.

Yesterday, Ms Passaris made another post on Facebook, where she argued that sexual harassment is more than just sex. Read it below.


Sexual harassment is more than just sex; it’s about power. It is used to get a woman or a man to comply. Often times, the victim has to justify rejecting sex by inventing a husband, a boyfriend or any other fake protector because simply saying no sounds “rude”. Usually, a bank loan, a promotion, a job, or an invoice is delayed or denied by the perpetrator as a sign of their displeasure. I was punished like many before me for saying no. I refuse to now be punished with silence.

From a young age, women have been the recipients of unwanted sexual advances. We’ve had to adapt ways to avoid and distance ourselves by being cautious all the while remaining polite and humble.

Yet if a woman or girl stands her ground and categorically says no, she is castigated. Condemnation rains down on her and she becomes the problem.

I know I am not the only victim in Kenya. Speak out. Save our daughters. It’s not our shame to carry. Some say I’m being indecent by exposing this and will lose respect. I know deep down within me that my stance today will yield a more empowered and respected woman tomorrow.

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