Helicopter Maker 'Gets' TCAA Nod

Mbeya — The Tanzania Civil Association Authority (TCAA) has finally allowed a resident of Tunduma in Songwe Region, Mr Adam Kinyekile, to continue manufacturing his helicopter after a team of experts from Dar es Salaam were satisfied with his work after visiting him and inspecting the machine.
Mr Kinyekile, who is also a mechanic, said a team of four experts from the TCAA headquarters arrived at his office for the purpose of inspecting his under manufacturing helicopter, whereby they were satisfied with the stage of the work reached so far.
He mentioned the names of the experts, who visited him as Plane Piloting Assistant Director General Kintu Newa, Senior Aviation Security Inspector Majaliwa Burhan, Principal Airworthiness Inspector Abdillahi Mfinanga and Mbeya TCAA Manager Victor Carlson.
When contacted yesterday, Mr Burhan admitted that they had met Mr Kinyekile, but declined to speak further about what they saw and their advice to the mechanic, saying they were only sent there, but were not TCAA spokespersons.
Recently TCAA issued a statement issued a directive to local innovators to acquire a permit from the authority's Director General if they want to design helicopters and other aircraft.

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