How Uhuru can Destroy Raila Completely - Mutahi Ngunyi

Political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has released yet another hypothesis that would seemingly help President Uhuru Kenyatta to incapacitate CORD leaderRaila Odinga ahead of the 2017 General Election.

In his opinion piece, Mr Ngunyi pointed out that President Kenyata had already started the process with the recent announcement of Jubilee merger that will see 12 political parties come together.

“In high politics you do not build consensus through dialogue, Consensus is built through domincae. You dominate people into supporting you. The purpose for putting together JAP there fore was to create a form of domincae. A Dominance that leads to consesus regarding the coming election,” Ngunyi stated.

Ngunyi noted that the merger had also been put in place to disorganize the Former Prime Minister as now JAP had one leader (President Kenyatta) it will be rallying behind in 2017 but the Opposition was still debating on who would run for the Presidency.

The political scientist highlighted that after the first step, President Kenyatta should now focus on 'seducing' CORD co-principals Kalonzo Musyoka and Moses Wetangula by giving them positions in Government such as the Prime Minister.

“To be able to do so they have to break into his political residence and lure Kalonzo Musyoka or Moses Wetangula. But you cannot romance the Kambas or Luhyas by giving them historically insignificant positions. Lure them by giving them the position of prime minister which can be created through a parliamentary process before the election,” Ngunyi mentioned.

Ngunyi opined that Kenyatta ought to be very tactical in enticing Kalonzo or Wetangula to join JAP by using three types of seduction namely; soft seduction, ruthless seduction and rough seduction.

In soft seduction, Ngunyi mentioned that Kenyatta should make Musyoka feel dissatisfied by planting suggestions but avoid being too obvious. This will in turn draw him closer with little or no suspicion.

The ardent critic of Mr Odinga added that to draw the Luhya community Kenyatta should use rough seduction to counter the ruthless manner in which the former Premier had treated the group. 

He divulged that Kenyatta should avoid being too nice but at the same time create the feeling of inadequacy in Wetangula then turn around and provide solutions for him in order to successfully lure him.

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