Mohammed Ali Now Links Uhuru's Children to Rio Fiasco

KTN investigative journalist Mohammed Ali has now connected President Uhuru Kenyatta's children to the infamous Rio Olympics fiasco following a photo making rounds on social media.

In the picture, Kenyatta's children and wife are seen accompanying the President to an official conference, something that prompted Mr Ali to note that such behaviour was what influenced the National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOCK) officials to go with their own families and friends to Brazil.

The Jicho Pevu reporter indicated that since the media never questioned why Mr Kenyatta took his family to the meeting, was the sole reason NOCK officials did not see anything wrong to include their kins to head to the Olympics games on Government's budget.

NOCK officials have been on the spot over mismanagement of Team Kenya which led to several athletes missing tickets, accreditation documents and others stranded in Brazil days after the games were over.

They have also been accused of airlifting their friends and relatives to the South American nation on the Government's budget.

On a list highlighting joyriders, there was a Mr Martin Keino and Francis Kinyili who are reported to be children of Kipchoge Keino (NOCK Chairman) and Francis K Paul (NOCK Secretary General) respectively.

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