Musician Diamond Angers Nairobians with This Comment

A section of Kenyans on social media have expressed their displeasure with celebrated Tanzanian artiste Diamond Platnumz for making a comment that seemingly belittled the Nairobi City.

After landing in the country on Thursday, the Bongo maestro announced his arrival stating: “Huu mji wa Nairobi naogopa hata kumkanyaga mtu kwa bahati mbaya...nisije rudishwa Bongo bure (I fear even accidentally stepping on anyone in this town of Nairobi so that am not deported back to my homeland).”

The remark immediately sparked anger with a section of his huge following noting that he had described Nairobi as a town.

As it has happened before, Kenyans were quick to react, seizing the moment to school him Nairobi is a City and not just a town.

Some of his supporters warned him to be careful with the Kenyan online community or he could face the same fate as Congelese Rhumba singer Kofi Olomide who was deported after kicking a woman in Nairobi.

Nonetheless, Diamond, who is set to stage a mega performance in Meru on Saturday, was supported by some Kenyans who downplayed the small 'mistake' and welcomed him into the country.

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