Nape clarifies social media postings on media ban threat

INFORMATION, Youth, Arts, Culture and Sports Minister Nape Nnauye yesterday clarified that the government would ban media that would publish inflammatory statements when covering demonstrations or political rallies.

Mr Nnauye made the clarification when reacting to reports circulating on the social media yesterday quoting him saying that he would deregister the media that would cover demonstrations or rallies. “I haven’t banned journalists to report on rallies and demonstrations.

What I said is I would not tolerate those who write the stories in a manner that would incite the public; everyone should play his or her part according to professionalism,” he remarked. He called on media owners, editors and reporters to adhere to media laws and regulations as well as ethics in order to avoid clashes with the government.

“We (government) respect media freedom that observe ethics, efficiency and country’s laws; we need to continue our cooperation,” he said. He recalled that the government had signed several international treaties aimed at promoting media freedom and human rights.

“However, though the country has endorsed those international conventions, it has put in place mechanisms to control incitement,’’ he further remarked. He assured the public that the government would continue cultivating good relations with its stakeholders in the media industry while impressing upon them to respect laws, regulations and eth- i c s governing their professions.

Meanwhile, the government h a s banned a weekly Kiswahili newspaper ‘Mseto’ for 36 months for publishing false news with elements of incitement and with disregard to laws and media ethics.

Mr Nape said the ban order was on Government Notice Number 242 published on August 10, this year, noting that the decision was given under Newspaper Act of 1976.

Among others, he said, the newspaper had on its August issue No. 480, violated the law by publishing a feature story and forged letter from the State Mining Corporation (STAMICO) headlined ‘Waziri amchafua JPM, amhusisha na rushwa ya uchaguzi mkuu, ni Naibu Waziri wa Ujenzi na Mawasiliano,’ which translates as “Minister tarnishes image of JPM (President John Magufuli) by linking him to a corruption scandal during last year’s general election.

The ban means that the newspaper would not be published both in print and online.

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