Shocking Details on How Raila Uses ODM Funds Exposed

Controversial blogger Robert Alai on Monday surprised many after he launched a scathing attack on ODM party leader Raila Odinga despite being an ardent Opposition supporter.

In a hard-hitting post, Alai accused Mr Odinga of not taking his presidential bid seriously but only using the Orange party for financial gains.

"Raila is NOT interested in the presidency. He seems to be more focused on maximising returns from party activities but not on the big office," part of his Facebook post reads.

The blogger-cum-social activist claimed that the former Premier and his family exclusively controls all coffers and resources meant for ODM campaigns.

“Remember that the ODM kitty is ALWAYS handled exclusively by Raila's family. He and his family can sign for release of money from those accounts. In 2012 and now 2016, we are witnessing a group which is dominated by Odinga family and extended relations coming to take charge of all key aspects of campaigns towards the general elections,” Alai added.

The fierce government critic further expressed that anyone who attempts to question the family on the funds becomes an enemy of Raila and his family.

“They handle all key coffers and resources meant for the campaigns. Professional entities are sidelined and any attempt to instil a sense of professionalism in the quest will make you an enemy of Raila and his close confidantes. I strongly believe that Raila is now out to make the most amount from the nominations and campaign donations but he is not serious about a race for the Presidency.” Alai notes.

The blogger concludes by his long post by stating that there is no need of supporting the Opposition Leader until he gets serious with his Presidential bid.

Attempts by to confirm the claims were futile as our numerous calls to ODM Director of Communications Philip Etale went unanswered.

Here is the full post by Robert Alai

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