19 School Boys Sodomised, HIV Infection Confirmed

Police on Saturday rescued a man from an angry mob that was baying for his blood after he allegedly sodomised 19 school boys aged between 8 and 15 years, in Murang'a County. Even worse, one of the boys had been confirmed to have contracted HIV/AIDS.

Enoch Mwangi, 38, was nabbed at his house in Igikiro village, Kamahuha, after the revelations were brought to light by one of the victims.

One of the boys said the suspect lured him to his house and threatened to kill him if he ever disclosed to anyone that he had been sexually harassed. 

“He met us as we were going to fetch firewood and gave me Sh50. Later in the day he called me to his house and demanded his money back but I told him I had misplaced it. He sent me to get some jelly at a nearby shop and on returning he sexually harassed me and warned that he would kill me if I told anyone,” the boy told the Star.

According to a teacher at a school where eight of the boys go to, they noticed a sudden change of behaviour and deteriorating health among the children.

"I took one of the boy’s to a nearby health facility and upon examination it was revealed that he had been sodomized. We forced them to explain who was responsible and they led us to the suspect’s house and we had him arrested,” the teacher said.

The doctors examined the boy and discovered he had been sodomised and infected with the disease. Upon interrogation by the teachers, the boy divulged how Mwangi sexually molested him and other boys. 

The boy's mother had a difficult time coming to terms with the new revelations and urged the government to hang the suspect.

“My son’s life has been turned upside down by that beast. The whole village is now worried about their children. The man should not be confined in a prison to enjoy government resources, he should be hanged,” lamented the boys mother.

Angry residents warned that if the suspect was released, they would kill him.

According to the locals, the suspect had been arrested before over similar allegations but was released under mysterious circumstance by the police.

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