Dar launches new ‘bodaboda’ plan

DAR ES SALAAM Regional Commissioner (RC) Paul Makonda has launched a special programme aimed at improving motorcycle and tricycle taxis, also known as ‘bodaboda’ and ‘bajaji’, transportation in the city.

The special programme, titled “Bodaboda and Bajaji New Look in Dar es Salaam’’, includes registration by using special numbers that will also appear on the special uniforms that the riders will be required to put on. Speaking during the launch of the programme, Mr Makonda said the move will be helpful to passengers using the mode of transportation when faced with any situation that will require getting the identity of the rider.

Using a system similar to mobile money transactions, the passenger will be required to enter the number that appears on the riders’ uniform in the ‘bodaboda’ and ‘bajaji’ in Dar es Salaam segments, which will bring up the riders’ information.

The information that will come up on the mobile phone screen includes the riders’ parking area, the parking area leader and the mobile phone number of that person.

The ‘bodaboda’ and ‘bajaji’ riders would be issued with the uniforms free of charge complete with helmets for the riders, Mr Makonda said, stressing that he is focused on improving the now popular mode of transportation in the city.

“The objective of this programme is to address the challenges facing this mode of transportation and friction with the police force and ensure its improvement,” he explained, urging the riders to adhere to traffic laws.

Meanwhile, the RC officially launched the Regional Bodaboda and Bajaji Riders Association, calling for members to use it to improve their standards of living.

Earlier, Mr Daud Laurian, representing the ‘bodaboda’ and ‘bajaji’ riders, who is also the chairperson of the association’s preparatory committee, commended the regional commissioner for his creativity, noting that the move will restore public trust in the mode of transportation.

He said the special uniforms for the riders in each of the regions ‘ districts -- Temeke, Kinondoni, Ilala and Kigamboni -- will have their own unique colours and numbers.

He stressed that the new outlook will also increase business opportunities in that sector, including advertising opportunities from individual and business organisations.

“Most of all, this sector is also contributing to the national economy. In Dar es Salaam, the contribution is about 2bn/- per year,” he explained.

The launching of the programme was organised by the Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner’s office, Surface and Marine Transportation (SUMATRA), Chotec Ltd, police force, Shell Advance, Clouds FM and Event Master.

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