Dialogue suggested as Hamad, Lipumba set to ‘collide’ today

POLITICAL analysts have called for a dialogue among top leaders of the opposition CUF, involving political parties Registrar, Justice Francis Mutungi and other influential persons as the party’s top leaders are today expected ‘to collide’ at the party’s office in Dar es Salaam.

Prof Simon Mbilinyi, retired cabinet minister and economics guru, suggested that Judge Mutungi could summon the leaders of CUF, Mr Seif Sharif Hamad, Professor Ibrahim Lipumba and others for talks to rescue the party.

“With his powers as registrar, he would give them directives as per laws governing the political parties,” he recommended. He criticised Mr Hamad, saying the man has turned the party into ‘individual property’, with members only ‘dancing to his whims.’’

University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) Lecturer, Dr Benson Bana, admitted though that leadership wrangles in any party were unavoidable. He was further of the view that the dispute within CUF was ‘unhealthy and undesirable.’

“When the part is individual and individual is a party becomes dangerous for the prosperity of the democracy, and this is what happens in the CUF,” Dr Bana stated. However, he noted that the conflict has not yet gone beyond control; wisdom is needed to settle the matter. He also advised that influential individuals could intervene in the dispute and help find an amicable solution.

The don said it was good idea that the CUF could work on the advice given by the Registrar Mutungi regarding their differences. “Justice Mutungi gave an advice basing on principles of the laws guiding political parties. Surprisingly, instead of using the advice as a window for a way out they ridiculed it,” he has condemned it.

Meanwhile, Mr Seif Sharif Hamad is scheduled to resume his administrative business today, after days of conflict within the party. Deputy Secretary General (Zanzibar), Mr Nassor Ahmed Mazrui, yesterday informed the ‘Daily News’ over the phone that the leadership was already in Dar es Salaam and “tomorrow (today) we will move to our offices at Buguruni, Mr Seif Sharif will lead us.”

He said upon arrival at the offices, the Secretary General (Mr Hamad) will address party members and followers from Dar es Salaam who have been informed to turn up in big numbers ‘to welcome us back to the Buguruni offices, partly damaged by Prof Ibrahim Lipumba.”

We do not want to see Prof Lipumba at the Buguruni office premises because he is no longer a party member; therefore, he is prohibited,” Mr Mazrui said, adding that the police have been informed about their return to Buguruni, complete with a request for protection in case of any resistance.

He told this newspaper that the decision made recently in Zanzibar to expel Prof Lipumba is legal as per CUF constitution, reminding the public that the party’s headquarters are in the Isles “and history and all the important meetings/decisions are made in Zanzibar.”

Mr Mazrui said the conflict within the party has been cleared after expelling Prof Lipumba - and that all leaders, including Mbps in the Union parliament are currently united to move the party forward.

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