Magufuli stresses peace in Pemba

PRESIDENT John Magufuli yesterday appealed to people in both Zanzibar and Tanzania Mainland to give peace, love and stability a chance to pave the way for faster development.

In the same vein he spoke tough on violence instigators, declaring that he would ensure the long-cherished peace and unity remain undisturbed.Dr Magufuli affirmed that elections were over thus all people, regardless of political affiliations and religious differences, should join hands for swift socio-economic development.

The head of state made the call while addressing hundreds of people at a public rally at Gombani ya Kale Grounds, Chake-Chake, in South Pemba, where he vowed to leave no stone unturned in safeguarding peace and the Union.

It is the first time for President Magufuli to tour Pemba islands since last year’s general election and the fresh polls conducted on March 20, this year. “People in Pemba, in Zanzibar and Tanzania need peace, stability and development and nothing else - not the unnecessary conflicts and confrontation,” he said.

Dr Magufuli said, in collaboration with his Zanzibar counterpart, Dr Ali Mohamed Shein, he would fulfil all promises, particularly ensuring peace, stability and security in the country alongside building a stronger economy that will benefit all.

“We need to work together regardless of our political affiliations. Sabotage on crops or political hate within society and family, at the level of not greeting each other, should be condemned,” said Dr Magufuli.

He directed security forces to hunt for people who are trying to derail Zanzibar and Tanzania generally from peace and political stability, including arresting those behind sabotage of property and crops in Pemba.

People voted for us, Dr Magufuli said, so that we serve you and we have to meet your expectations of better life including job creation through encouraging people to invest in industries, particularly in untapped natural resources in the sea.

“Seychelles and Namibia are developing because of fish processing industries. Why not Zanzibar and Tanzania? Let us focus on those areas and place hate behind us. Elections are over until 2020,” Dr Magufuli said amid cheers.

In his welcoming remark before Dr Magufuli’s speech, Dr Shein said they have been working closely and that Zanzibaris should expect a better future.

“We are about to solve all the grievances in the Union,” Dr Shein said. Both leaders thanked people for the big turn-out at the rally, saying it shows unity among Tanzanians and that everyone should hate division.

Earlier, after arriving at the Karume Airport some seven kilometres southeast of Chake-Chake, the capital of the island, Dr Magufuli, accompanied by his wife paid respect to the late Omar Ali Juma at his grave.

Dr Juma died of a heart-attack. He served as Vice-President from 1995 to 2001 during President Benjamin Mkapa’s leadership.

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