Moshi tomato growers make losses

TOMATO growers in Kilimajaro Region are counting losses following the fall of prices in the local market.

According to a ‘Daily News’ survey in various markets in Moshi town, tomato prices have dropped from 4,000/- to 1,000/- per 20kg bucket.

Some of the farmers who spoke to the ‘Daily News’ said they spent a lot of money in preparing farms and buying farm inputs. They said the current price is weakening their efforts and thus called for help from the government.

One of the tomato suppliers at Manyema market , Ms Zubeda Mboya, said when supply goes up, the prices goes down automatically. She said tomato business has become difficult since some customers are reluctant to buy 20 kg bucket at 1,000/-.

“This is a perishables’business and our customers are aware of that, and thus they wait for the price to go further down,” she said.

She added: “we have nowhere to take tomatoes as customers play a waiting game,” Another supplier, Ms Salma Haji, said Kilimanjaro Region has succeeded to produce tomatoes above the demand and thus as the result the price is going down.

She said there is a need for providing training to farmers so that they can understand market trends and plan to produce according to demand.

“Farmers are investing money and time in this business, but at the end of the day they earn little from their effort,” she said. She said farmers buy fertilizers, pesticides and pay for water bills.

Ms Zawadi Mbwambo from Mbuyuni market said most of the farmers are unfamiliar with market trends in other regions hence need awareness raising.

“Farmers need training that will help them to open up and seek markets from other regions such as Dar es Salaam and other regions where the price is much higher compared to Kilimanjaro,” she said.

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