‘No arbitrary police arrests’

HOME Affairs Minister Mwigulu Nchemba has distanced the Police Force from partisan politics, stressing that the law enforcement officers make arrests based on alleged crimes rather than affiliation to political parties.
“When you commit a crime and police officers come after you they will not ask for a membership card of the party you belong to; they (police) do not arrest people because of their political affiliation,” the Minister assured the National Assembly here yesterday.
The Minister made the remarks in response to a supplementary question by Special Seats MP, Ms Susan Maselle (Chadema) who had claimed in her supplementary question that a number of party members from Chadema were being held in police cells across the country.
It was at this juncture that Mr Nchemba took to the floor and assured the National Assembly that no arrest had been made in any part of the country based on the suspects’ membership and affiliation to a political party.
Responding to a basic question earlier, the Minister said the police force work under the laws, regulations and rules of the land in implementation of their day to day activities.
“Police officers found to be working contrary to moral principles of the force are punished at the court martial through the Police General Order (PGO) number 103 and 104 where they are penalized while others get dismissed for offences such as fabricating cases for alleged suspects,” he explained.
Mr Nchemba said any member of the public who feel aggrieved by the police force should report to the complaint receiving units at the police headquarters, regional offices as well as the Ministry of Home Affair.
“However, the members of public can channel their complaints to other legal entities if not satisfied with the arrangement within the police force,” he said.
The Minister noted however that the state of affair is set to change in the near future as the police will only be required to investigate cases after which arraignment will be conducted by state attorneys.

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