Quake: Tanesco seeks 750m/- to build new office

TANZANIA Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) is looking for 750m/- to build an office in Kagera Region after the building it was renting was damaged by the earthquake which hit the area recently.

TANESCO Director General, Felchesm Mramba, said the tremor, which occurred September 10, rendered the state-run power utility homeless after the office it was renting at the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) was damaged beyond repair.

Mramba said in an interview at the weekend here that efforts are now directed at securing a new plot where the company would put up a new office. “Tanesco was not spared in this natural disaster.

We are now struggling to secure new offices as we also work day and night to reinstate the damaged infrastructure,” he said. Power in Kagera Region, especially Bukoba Municipality, has returned to normal, but Mramba said “there is a lot to be done, including educating people on how to handle some equipment in affected areas.

The TANESCO boss is leading a team of experts and managers from the head office which is evaluating the damage caused by the quake and possible measures to restore the power infrastructure.

He assured Kagera residents that power will soon stabilise as technicians are deployed to all the affected areas in the region. Contacted for comment on the state of power supply after the quake, TANESCO Regional Manager, Francis Maze, said so far about 600 houses out over 5,000 damaged have been verified and power disconnected.

He said as soon the quake occurred, a group of nine technicians had been deployed from Mwanza to reinforce the regional workforce.

He said, however, that one of the challenges the survey team was facing was that residents in the affected households were refusing to switching off power. “It is surprising that some residents prefer to keep power despite the inherent danger,” said Maze.

He cautioned people in the affected household to switch off main switches and circuit breakers until technicians disconnect those appliances. Meanwhile, some residents here have completed repair of houses and are now asking for restoration of power.

Maze confirmed the development, but was cautious that restoration of power will not be undertaken until thorough inspection is done by the qualified contractors.

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