Is Wema Sepetu sniffing cocaine or rolling weed?

Wema Sepetu, 28, has found herself in the hot soup after a fan posted a question asking her manager whether he could reveal which hard drug the Tanzanian sweet heart is abusing. This conversation was apparently sparked by the actresses “bipolar behavior and bubbly character”.

Well, this is not the first time this question is being thrown her way but just like any other superstar, the actress never responds.

At the moment most of her fans have every reason to believe that Wema Sepetu is on something other than a coughing syrup since her character and ways are not that of a serious grown up.

Anyway, not wasting anytime to fire back at the drug claims, the actresses manager, Martin Kadinda, shared a sarcastic message with the fan, making sure to explain that the only drugs Wema was on are “soft touch and Easy wave” which are helping fasten her hair growth.

As much as the team is avoiding to answer this question, we all know that most celebrities have lost their careers due to drugs i.e Ray C whose career sunk in a blink of an eye and if not careful it might happen to someone else.
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