Pride Inn Hotel’s Google Search Results Shock Kenyans

PrideInn Hotel is making headlines for very unlikely reasons.

The hotel chain happens to have a very beautiful website, with basically all the information there is about it. There is an ‘About Us’ page that lists all their brands in Nairobi and Mombasa, and like any good business, their vision and mission.

They also have a ‘special offers’ page where they run promotions and give information on discounts.

Also, like any hotel worth its salt, they offer an online booking option.

For a website like, you will most likely type the url on your address bar directly, or maybe you’ve even saved an icon on Opera Mini start page, because you already know what you are looking for.

But for PrideInn and basically most offline businesses, users type relevant phrases on Google and are then directed to the website. For instance in this case, a user may type something like ‘hotels in Nairobi or low cost hotel in Westlands, Nairobi’.

It is therefore paramount that your website appears properly on Google.

Normally, making this happen is not rocket science, but something went terribly wrong for PrideInn.

This is what appears on the search engine.

The website doesn’t have traces of whatever that was, but even after deleting/editing content, Google may take a while to effect the changes.

I have a feeling PrideInn is not very proud of their web developer right now.

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