Avril and other Kenyan celebrities rumoured to be lesbians

Homosexuality in Kenya remains a contentious issue, taboo even, and the practice is even outlawed. Same sex marriages are unheard within our borders and our neighbouring countries by extension.

Last week two Kenyan lesbians made history and caused quite a stir on social media after making public their engagement taking many aback by the boldness and more so because the ‘man’ in the relationship is a rapper. An upcomer that is.

The public engagement of a Kenyan female rapper to her girlfriend came as a surprise but what provided the blogs with even more fodder was because the ‘man’ is somewhat a celebrity, Tuko notes.

But did you know that way before rapper Grammo Suspect, there were other Kenyan celebrities who were into lesbianism. Yes, some local Kenyan female celebrities are into girls.

Some big names in the local celebrity circles have also been accused of being in the ‘queer’ group although they continue to vehemently deny, never mind photo evidence readily available on the web.
Here are some of Kenyan celebs who are into lesbianism or have been accused of being not straight.
5. Rapper Grammo Suspect
Well as has been mentioned above, this one here is not a rumour. She made history with her lover after they got engaged in public.
4. Singer Kaz
Singer Kaz or Karen Lucas was such a big deal in the music circles at some point, and has been linked to lesbianism after she started a YouTube channel, The Spread, alongside former radio presenter and actress Nini Wacera. It had been rumoured that the programme was to be Kenya’s first lesbian show. The show, nonetheless, proceeded but it turned out to be not what was claimed. Kaz has had her share of scandals including nudes that leaked online. So has her partner in crime, Nini.

Kaz (r) and Nini Wacera
3. Nini Wacera
Nini is a former radio presenter and actress who together with Kaz were claimed to be starting the aforementioned lesbian programme. The mother of one is known to have been in relationships with men but when rumours about the show began, some quarters ‘confirmed’ that indeed she is a lesbian or a bisexual.
2. Noti Flow
Singer and actress Noti Flow is an out of the closet bisexual and she is not shy about it. She has raunchy photos online including many of her kissing girls. Noti featured in the contentious video, Same Love, which was said to promote same sex relationships in Kenya. The clip and other similar ones by her were banned by moral police Ezekiel Mutua. Google Kenya also pulled them from YouTube.
Noti Flow has also been linked sexually with Kenyan bad boy of rap – Prezzo.

1. Avril
Singer Avril hit the headlines when she was starting out after her x-rated photos of her surfaced online showing her getting intimate with an unidentified girl. Avril denied being the lady in the photo. She moved on from the scandal and even had a fiance whom she broke up with some time this year.

The singer initially flip-flopped on the nudes issue and even at one point admitted it was her in the photo, that it was a college project… before changing the story.
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